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8th DAY

Amaya Lake-Sygiria (cycling) Sigirya-Polonnaruva(cycling)

rain 23 °C

8th Day:11.12.2009

In the morning we made an plan to go visit Sigirya lion rock first and later maybe take train from small town Habarana to Polonnaruwa. Cloi was travelling with bus and we were meeting here onthe way...
We start cycling after breakfast and arrived to Sigirya lion rock in 1,5 hours. This is rock with a shape of lion, nothing else.
We had some dificulties with locals wanting to guide us. Most of the people in Sri Lanka are friendly and nice and they dont bother you a lot, but this guys were something different.
We had to pay each 25 USD for entrance (all money on us) to climb a rock in humid and hot day and for reward we got heavy rain shower. Only thing that is worth to see is the view from the rock, but not 25 USD if you ask me. There is also 1 historic painting and this is it.It was funny, because we meet couple from Slovenia from same town we live in...
After climbing back down we were really pissed off. We decided that this was the last entrence we payed on our Sri Lanka tour.On the way to Habarana we cycled 15 km in jungle. Car passing by stopped us and told us that there is an elephant 3 km up the road and that it could be dangerous. We didnt want to go arround so we pedaled in elephants direction. After 2 km we saw a huge elephant on the road. We were so afraid that we emediately start to pedal in direction we came from. Elephant was also afrain of us and he escaped into the jungle. After few minutes we continued and I was able to hear the elephant in the bushis, but was not able to see him.
Shortly we reached Habarana raiway station and found out that next trains goes on next day. We were really hungry and wanted to eat something before start cycling to Polonnaruwa. Bad luck, because we didnt have time since it was 2 hours before dark and we still had 55km to go. We bought 1kg of bananas in first shop and eat all of them. After this we had to cycle 3 hours in rain. Last two hours we pedaled in dark. Road leads trough national park and surrounding is beautyfull. Here a lot of army has camps. It is alaso nice lake here suitable for holidays.
Cloui arrived in Polonnaruwa 1 hour before us. She was clever and told owner of the hotel, to wait on the astreet for 2 european guys on bicycles. When we arrived, they stopped us on the road and lead us to restaurant where Cloi was eating rice. We went together to hotel where we also had dinner. After dinner we were to tired to do anything so we went early to sleep.
We cycled 85km in arround 5,5 hours.


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7th DAY

visiting Dambulla cave temples Dambulla-Amaya Lake (cycling)

rain 22 °C

We had some difficulties during breakfast. They were serving stringhopers (strange noodles) and chicken in souce. We went for chicken. After first few bytes we realized, that it was way to hot for us. Later they brought us few bananas each. Ayway, bananas were on our regular menu almost each day of cycling. We were eating bananas during cycling and eat concrete food for dinner in the evening after cycling...
After breakfast we visited Dambulla cave temples. It is worth to see. There is a large golden buda statue and 7 caves with many statues all differet of kinds. you must climb many stairs to reach caves.On the way there is many monkeys to see. Monkeys are mostly not dangerous, but you dont want to mess with them.
In the temples, guides are real disaster. After 30 seconds I realized, that you can not belive a thing they are telling.
We had an agrement 2 days ago in Anuradhapura with korean girl Cloi to meet here in most beautyfull and fancy spa resort on island placed on Amaya Lake and shared a room. We cycled on full rain 14km till we reached the goal. Cloi suprised us and was already there waiting for us. She was now already travelling for 10 months and this was her last destination before return to home.
Amaya spa resort is really one of most beautyfull places I ever been. Hotel is fancy, but not to expencive. You can get full ayurvedic treatment for 25 eur! We payed for 3 person cottage 130 USD. Later we went in Dambulla with tuc tuc for dinner and back to hotel. I went for swimm in hotel pool beofre smoking seasion in the room with bar and cable tv.


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6th DAY

Aranuradhapura-Dambulla (cycling)

rain 24 °C

6th Day:9.12.2009

After breakfast we visit together with korean girl Cloi budistic temple again. We didnt decide to go inside, because we didnt want to put our shoes off. Later we didnt regreat, because Cloi went inside and camed back 3 minutes later and told us that is nothing special. Last night guide AĊĦoka told us, that inside of this temple there are 100 of elephants statues, but it was a lie. No sign of any elephants in there.I strongly recomend, that you dont hire any guides because all they explain is crap and all they want is your money.
Before we start cycling in direction Dambulla we had again rain shower. In inland we had many problems with weather and it was raining almost every day which made cycling harder. After shower we start pedaling. It was raining most of the day and I got cold. We arrived in Dambulla little before night and settled in Mahawasala hotel. Nice hotel for resonable price. We had flying bats in corridor infront our room, but after we switched lights on they disapeared. Later we got neigburs and we had a couple of drinks together. I laso tried very spicy local food.
We cycled 75 kilometers in about 4 hours.


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5th Day

Puttalem-Anuradhapura (van)

semi-overcast 28 °C


Teddy didnt feel better so we decided to hire a van to Anuradhapura 76km away direction east. We found nice guesthouse Milano with tastefull food where we had lunch. After lunch we visited many sightseens. There is plenty to see in this town, so you must stop here if you are somewhere near.. I suggest that you hire a bike and go on your own because many things you can see offcharge.Later we had a pleasent evening talking with our neighbur, Korean girl Cloi.



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4th Day

Chillaw-Puttalem (cycling)


4th Day:7.12.2009

We stopped for breakfast in Green Valley restaurant where we had also dinner last night. Fair prices and tasty food. Very friendly owner has also 4 room pension with low prices and his own tuc tuc. It is located 3 km from town in direction Puttalem on main road (left side).
Weather becamed cloudy and we had also few showers on the way, but last two hours it was again extremly hot without a cloud. Teddy felt of his bike and got smaller wound on his leg but was still able to cycle. Later he had also pains in his legs and that is why why stopped and overnighted in Puttalem. Puttalem is most dirty town I saw in Sri Lanka. It is also located on west coast 60 km from Chillaw direction north. It is very dirty and crowded but pepole are really friendly with the smiles on their faces. We overnighted in guesthouse near centre of town. Also very dirty place, but again we nedeed only place to sleep with mosquito nets and ventilator.


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