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Day 13,14

Hambantota-Tangala (cycling) Tangalla (resting)

sunny 31 °C

Day 13,14: 16-17.12.2009

We decided to move after breakfast to some destination with nice beach. Since we camed to the south, weather was sunny with average temperature 31 degrees. After 3 hours, 55km cycling and new sunburn we arrived in one of turistic towns on south coast called Tangalla. Owner of cabanas Sandys was waiting on main roa for potential customer and stopped us. We went with him 300 meters down the road and arrived to beautyfull cabanas on the beach. After bargain we got cabana for 9 eur per nigh. It was so beautyfull that we decide to stay 2 nights. We had a chance to see president election march in Tangalla. Also in Tangalla we had first time chance to play carrom in guesthouse King Fisher where we also meet a Slovenian guy Borut. It is an indian game similar to biliard, but no sticks are used. It is playing with fingers.
In the evening we had few beers with slovenian guy Borut before the sleep.


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DAY 12

Pottuvil-Witawilla (hitchiking) Witawilla-Hambantota (cycling)

semi-overcast 25 °C

Day 12:15.12.2009

After we started cycling that day we were tyred. We were cycling 20km and than I stopped a pick up car and without any questions they drove us 70km till Monoragala. We stopped for tee and exchange of emails. Sri Lnaka people are very greatfull if you give them email adress any of kind.
Than we stopped first van with passenger seats, but it was empty and for driver it was not a problem to carrie also bicycles inside. He took us too Wellawaya where we had breakfast and bought driver also one. After breakfas we moved to nice location where we were able to hitchike. We stopped fish transport car with 3 people in the cabin. Driver placed our bicycles in the container and we entered the cabin (it was really smelling in the container, so I prayed that we will not have to drive also in the bac).It was now 5 people in the cabin of Isuzu. After 10km 2 passengers stepped down and we had lots of space during the drive. In village Witawilla driver had to turn so we went last 40km on bicycles. Had chance to see varan lizard near the road. We stopped in Habbantota fisher village on south coast and overnighted in dirty room at guesthouse Hambantota.
We saved art least 2 days of cycling because of hitchiking, mostly mountain area. Not proud of it, but it was a holiday and we wanted also some free time. People here are really friendly and it is easier to stop a car with 2 bicycles than in slovenia with 100 eur in the hand.
We cycled around 55km in 3 hours.


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DAY 11

resting and cycling to Panama

sunny 32 °C

Day 11:14.12.2009

English owner Liz and her husband local guy Ramiz are nice hosts also rooms are pretty nice. We decided to stay for one day to recover after long ditance we cycled previous day. Arugam bay is fishing village, but also a surfing spot. Surfers seson is from May to September when a place is crowded. Now we were one of few guests beside locals.
We took a bicycle trip to Panama village. It was really hot, but we saw many animals on the road. It is in fact Yala national park area for which you otherwise have to pay. Village is nothing special. We went to the beach and after that 20km back. Teddy had again flat tyre so we had to exchange it. It was strange because it was again rear tyre.
Previous day I have broken my almost new Adidas sun glasses and I was really disapointed. I payed a lot of money for them and they let me down now in situation like this. Also it was impiossible to cycle without the glasses because of the sun and the insects so I had to solve situation somehow. I went to Puttovil to buy silver tape, but ofcouse they didnt have it. On the way back I again had to cick street dog to avoid a bite. We improvised and used elastic instead of plastic parts so I was again able to use my sunglasses.
We cycled 40 km in 32 degrees in 2 hours.


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Day 10

Batticola-Arugam Bay (cycling)

semi-overcast 28 °C

Day 10: 13.12.2009

In the morning we went with stefan to breakfast and later to ATM so he could borrow us the money. I took his account number to transfer money back to him after we came back home. We said goodbye and start cycling. We had a flat tyre after 3 hours. The road was really bad and we cycled slow. We made 115 km till we reached Arugam bay after 7,5 hours of cycling. We had luck, because it started rainin after we arived to our goal guesthouse Gekko recomended by Stephan who overnihted here previous night.


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9th DAY

Polonnaruwa-Batticaloa (train)

rain 21 °C

9th Day:12.12.2009

It was raining again. We were tired of rain and decided to go on east coast with train. It was Saturday and I was running out of cash. Went to internet shop to transfer money to debet card. I didnt know by that time, that money is going to be visible on my account on Monday. Because we went out of Rupies, I went to exchange money in the bank. Long procedure, but worth it. They closed after 1 hour and I was lucky that I made the currency exchange.
We said goodbye to cloi who was staying in Polonnaruwa and went for sigthseen tour. We reather passed, because we had enough of guides and all the stress. After you see two big buda statues it is enough. All looks the same. It is as you would be visiting churches in christian country.
Railway station is 5 km from centre. We cycled twice to railwaystatio and back. First without bags to check when train is leaving and after 1 hour again. Of course we were again all wet from the rain. Railway station is something special, also the ride on the train. funny was, that we payed for person 4 times less than for bicycle.
They are using 50 years old english train. Each day there is only 1 train so the trains are full. We were standing all the way. We had a chance to see what damage Tsunami caused 5 years ago. Many houses are still 1 meter bellow the water. When we arrived in Batticola I checked again on ATM if money is already visible, but it was not. In this moment Stephan austrian cyclist aproached. He went with bicycle in April 2009 from Graz (Austria) trough Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India and cycled over 10.000 km already. This was his final destination and he wanted to stay another 3 weeks in orphange camp. I explained our financial situation and asked him to borrow me 50 eur which I will return to him. He promised, that he will give money to me next day to me.This was really nice of him and we were saved!!Stephan cycled this day 115 km and was also searching for accomodation. We shared a room in China cottages, 1 of 3 guesthouses in this town. We had a problems with getting dinner. It was national championship in cricket between Sri Lanka and India and nobody wanted to work while match was on. After 1,5 hours our food was ready and we eated as wolf.We were all starving. After dinner we had few beers and went to bed. Guesthouse is in real bad conditions. It is also plenty of mosquitos arround here. There were only 2 nets in the room, but Stephan had his own net so we had peacful night save from mosquitos.


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