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Last 2 Days

Negombo and return back home

semi-overcast 30 °C

As we thought it was a problem to get boxes, but we had luck and get material for one in shop near hotel. We made a box from 2 smaller boxes and used 4 complete sticking tapes. I saw this day in town new big shoppeing center and I was sure, that I can get boxes there next morning. In the evening we went for last dinner and had chance to see real cobra snakes dancing on melodies from local guy whistle.
On the last day I went in the morning to new shopping centre and got 1 big box. I also got 2 smaller boxes in bicycle bazar in town and this material was sufficient to build the box. after using another 4 complete tapes box was complete. We prayed, that it will stick together at leat till airport...On the airport they staff asked me if we deflated air from the tyres. We didnt do that, but I also didnt want to open box and tape it together again. Althou I reather told the trouth, because I didnt want to have any problems 1 hour before return. As I answer negatively they asked us to do it there. We couldnt argue, so we opened boxes gently and deflated air from tyres. Than we realized, that they dont have sticking tape and I got a little mad. After 5 minutes they brought sticking tape and we taped boxes again. Soon after that we meet Stephan, guy who saved us in Batticola 2 eeks ago with borrowing the money. He suprised us, because he told us that he was going to stay at least 1,5 months. Than he explained, that he got Denga illnes coused by a mosquito bite. He had real luck, because doctor gaved him fever for diagnosis. Anyway, he found on internet simtomps and compared to his and he found out himself, what was wrong wiht him.
Flight was better because from Doha to Vienna plane was half empty and we could have 3 seats each.

EPILOG: Pretty nice journey. We travelled 1150km trough whole country, from this we were at least 800km cycling. We had a chance to see all regions, national parks, animals, temples and meet a lot of friendly local people. Locals are very friendly and took us amongst them showing us their way of life , religion, food... I liked Asia so much that I decided to go again next
winter, this time for at least 2 months. Dont have exact plan yet, but probably I will go to Laos and Cambodia.

It is almost 1 year till than, but I can not wait for so long. I decided to cycle arround Turkey, starting my journey in begginig of June 2010. This time I will be on the road for at least 2 months and will cycle trough 7 of their 10 regions starting in Istanbul. I would like to go earlier because of high temperatures during summer, but I am not sure if my work will allow me. This time I am taking with me better camera and will also try to get some sponsorship sice costs of the trip will not be so low compared to sri Lanka. This days I am preparing my trip and also training on my cyclotrenazer (to keep my body in good shape). Deatils of the cycling trip trough Turkey soon!!!



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Day 24

Hikkaduwa-Altugama (cycling) Altugama-Colombo (train) Colombo-Negombo (cycling)

rain 25 °C

Day 24: 27.12.2009

Two days before returning back home we were still 140km from airport. It was enough time to split the way in 2 stages, but we didnt want to risk. Also we had to find boxes for bicycles to be able to transport them back home and we knew that this will not be easy.
First we cycled 55km very fast because we wanted to catch the train to Colombo. We had luck and camed even early, because train was as ussual late. This train was really full compared to the one we tested in north. There was at least 20 peoples in each "cabin" sitting one on other.We had again luck, because we were staying with our bikes in lagguage department. This department was also full of things and people, but compared to rest of the train very spaceful. After arriving to Colombo main railway station we had to cycle in rain another 30km and in the evening just before dark we arrived to Negombo our final destination. I have returned the key we had forgott to return after leaving guesthouse Ocean view 23 days ago. They were shocked, but thankfull.
We cycled 85km and were on bikes 5 hours.


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Day 22,23

Unuwatuna-Hikkaduwa (cycling)

semi-overcast 28 °C

After 6 days staying at same location it was time to move. Also it was slovely time to go back to Ngombo. We moved again only 30km to surf beach Hikkaduwa. For first time in my life I had a chance to try surfing. Wasnt that bad for begginer...Beach is marvelus but not so perfect for swimming. We stayed in hikkaduwa 2 days.


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Days 16-21

Mirissa-Unawatuna (cycling) Unawatuna (birthday party, chilling)

sunny 30 °C

Days 16-21 : 19-24.12.2009

We moved from Mirissa only 30km up the coast to Unawatuna. In Tangalla 2 days ago locals recomended Black Beauty guesthouse so we decided to check it out. It turned out, that this is really great place. Owner Sana and his german wife Britta are more than nice. We becamed friends with Sana and his staff so they treatet us extremly well. I was celebrating birthday with new friends and it was one of best birthday parties ever. We liked that area so much, that we stayed for 6 days. In this time we were invited to real local food at Sana-s friend 100 Starts hotel when his wife cooked. Since Sana has friends on all positions, we had a privilege to drive to dinner by solider driver in special army jeep.
Unawatuna is nice beach, but after Tsunami it is shorter for 15 meters. Althou government forbidd to build near the see again, builders didnt respect the restriction and build hozels and restaurants again directly on the beach. Now there is again danger of getting splushed away...


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Day 15

Tangalla-Mirissa (cycling)

sunny 31 °C

We moved in the morning to next heaven beach on south coast Mirissa. Like Tangalla, Mirissa is not so well known to turists as other turistic beach towns, but it is for sure going to become in the future. Beach is really beautyfull, but beach boys are anoying...In the evening we had party on the beach and got drunk with some other turists and locals.
We cycled 60km in 3,5 hour.


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